Female Fitness Model Sarah Bowmar

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Female Fitness Model Sarah Bowmar


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 Sarah Bowmar is a personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, and entrepreneur from the United States. She rose to prominence after sharing her fitness journey with others online. She became a social media celebrity as a result of this.

She became interested in fitness after becoming dissatisfied with her slim physique and wanting to add lean muscle mass to her skinny frame. Sarah was eventually able to build the physique she had always desired through hard work and dedication to her gym training.

Later on, Sarah and her husband launched their online coaching and nutrition business, which has grown steadily since its inception. Sarah now hopes to inspire others to reach their full fitness potential, just as she has.

Sarah Bowmar Before Fitness :


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Sarah Bowmar was born in 1989 in South Bend, Indiana. She moved around the country a lot as a child, eventually settling with her family in Ohio, where she has lived her entire life.

Sarah maintained a slim physique throughout her high school years. During this time, her goal was to stay as slim as possible, so she did cardio on a regular basis, believing that this would be the best way for her to achieve a great physique.

However, she eventually became dissatisfied with her body. She then took the necessary steps to develop a physique that would boost her confidence. She then started weight training to supplement her cardio workouts, and she quickly became addicted.

Her dedication to the gym soon yielded positive results. She began to gain lean muscle mass, rapidly improving her physique. She began competing on the bodybuilding stage at this point to take her fitness career to the next level.

Sarah met Josh, who would later become her business partner. Josh had a strong interest in bow hunting and participated in hunting activities on a regular basis. After being influenced by Josh, Sarah quickly became involved in hunting herself.

Sarah eventually reached new heights after being sponsored by a well-known clothing line. In addition, she and Josh started an online coaching and nutrition business to provide their fitness expertise, forcing her to live a hectic lifestyle.

As a result, Sarah found it difficult to compete on stage and decided to retire. Instead, she began to concentrate on her new business and hunting with her husband.

Things took a turn for the worse, however, when an incident involving Sarah and her husband gained widespread attention for all the wrong reasons.

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Sarah made headlines in 2016 when her husband Josh shot a black bear with a 7-foot arrow. A photo of Sarah and her husband quickly went viral online, much to the chagrin of her fans.

Soon after, a petition was started to have Sarah’s sponsorship from a well-known sports clothing line removed. As a result of the incident, the clothing company severed all ties with Sarah.

With the exception of being dropped from a sponsorship deal with an internationally known clothing line, Sarah’s fitness career has gone from strength to strength.

Sarah’s nutrition and personal training business has grown steadily since she and her husband founded it. They want to have a positive impact on other people’s lives by assisting them in accomplishing things they never thought they could.

Sarah eventually became an online celebrity as a result of her online fitness progress, inspiring others to achieve their fitness goals.

Sarah works out with her husband, an IFBB professional bodybuilder, on a regular basis. Sarah considers him to be one of the most influential people in her fitness career.

They collaborated to launch an online coaching and fitness nutrition business. They quickly found success in their business venture, providing them with a platform from which to move forward, achieving their objectives along the way.

But Sarah’s life wasn’t always so easy. She made several mistakes after discovering fitness. It took her some time to find a training method that worked for her body.

She was able to overcome this, however, and begin producing solid results in the gym. She became self-motivated at this point after seeing the progress she was making.

Fitness Schedule By Sarah Bowmar :

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20 Walking Lunges with a 35-pound plate overhead The Olympic Plate

10 hip thrusts on a bench with a straight bar weighing 60 pounds

5 times through the circuit

On a Pulley Machine, 10 Donkey Kicks Both Legs – 15 lbs

10 Bulgarian Split Squats with Plate Overhead – 10 reps each leg with a 25-pound plate

3 times through the circuit

20 Glute Pushdowns – 115 lbs.

20 Walking Lunges with a 35-pound plate overhead The Olympic Plate

3 times through the circuit

Diet And Nutrition By Sarah Bowmar :


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Sarah maintains her fitness by prepping her meals at the beginning of the week. She is able to continue progressing while meeting her fitness goals by doing so. She used to be a vegetarian, but she now consumes meat as part of her diet.

Sarah has eliminated dairy from her diet in recent years, opting instead for dairy-free alternatives such as butter, milk, and cheese.

Sarah’s diet is primarily composed of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. To satisfy her sweet tooth, she makes her own healthy versions of the sweet treats that could quickly lead to her falling off track.

Fitness Motivation By Model Sarah Bowmar :

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Sarah Bowmar discovered fitness, and it gave her the opportunity to completely transform her life while achieving the physique she had always desired. She was eventually able to start sharing her fitness knowledge with others.

She and her husband started an online coaching and fitness nutrition business, which was quickly successful. This gave her a way to help others achieve their fitness goals while also achieving her own.

Sarah teaches us that fitness sometimes requires a lot of trial and error.

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