Some Women Are So Inferior That They Can Not Allow A Man To Touch Their Soul

We measure our age in years, right? Have you ever considered whether or not that is actually how long you lived? The number of years you have lived is seldom what matters in the end.

“Some Women Are So Inferior That They Can Not Allow A Man To Touch Their Soul.”

It all comes down to how you live your years. We typically light the candle representing the year we were born when we celebrate our birthdays, but we often overlook the fact that age or the length of your life are not important considerations.

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Age is never a factor in living a life; rather, what actions you took to make that life worthwhile are what matter. You shouldn’t be concerned about your age anyway! The following

There have been many people who have lived for so long without producing anything worthwhile. On the other side, there are a few individuals who passed away at a young age but who are still honoured for what they accomplished for the benefit of others.

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In this way, a man is remembered for his deeds rather than how long he lives. It’s crucial to make a difference with the years you have left to live rather than living a lengthy life without accomplishing anything worthwhile.

Try doing something that makes them proud of you if you want to ensure that people remember you long after you are gone.

Instead of just counting the years you’ve been alive, instill life into your years!

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1 thought on “Some Women Are So Inferior That They Can Not Allow A Man To Touch Their Soul”

  1. I have to make a comment on this one.
    I’m in my 70’s and as years progressed I never thought about the years to come.
    Taking good care of my internal organs and my mind was most important..
    Arthritis set in a bit and some eye issues, both which are receiving care and neither has caused me to work every day, enjoy everything around me and to discover that my energy, understanding, and love hasn’t changed.☺️


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