Top 10 Remote Jobs That Anyone Can Do Now

There are many entry-level jobs available that anyone can do, so don’t worry if you’re fresh out of college and ready to get a job but worried about your lack of experience or you’re considering a career transfer and unsure of the types of positions you are qualified for. Many of these positions provide training, and as you gain experience, you should expect a learning curve. Even better, many of them are located far away.

Customer Service Representative-

This can be an excellent entry-level remote job for you if you enjoy assisting people. The median hourly wage, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, is $17.75.

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Staff Accountant-

Nowadays, many accounting jobs may be completed from a distance and usually don’t demand for previous work experience. To be eligible, you’ll most likely need a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a closely related discipline.

The Bureau of Labour Statistics estimates that the median annual salary for accountants is $77,250.

Administrative Assistant-

When executives and managers don’t have the time to complete work, an administrative assistant often fills a crucial position in the organisation. These positions might involve more programme knowledge than a virtual assistant, but they might also pay a little bit more.

The median income for these positions, as reported by the Bureau of Labour Statistics, is $19.08 per hour and $39,680 annually.

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Recruiting Coordinator-

According to, recruiting coordinators facilitate the hiring procedure and may be in charge of posting open positions, organising candidate travel, planning interviews across departments, drafting offer letters, and doing background checks.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, this industry’s median pay is $29.95 per hour, or $62,290 annually.

Account Executive-

According to, account executives are usually in charge of satisfying the needs of current clients and securing business from new ones. According to Glassdoor, the typical basic compensation for this sales profession is $87,574 per year, and an additional $94,176 is earned per year in commissions and other pay.

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Call Center Representative-

This position is comparable to that of a customer care representative, except you will often communicate with customers over the phone rather than through email or chat. You are no longer need to work in a physical contact centre to do this entry-level job in a remote setting.

According to Indeed, the hourly wage is $16.96.

Billing Specialist-

To guarantee that records, billing statements, and payments are accurate, billing specialists work for insurance providers and healthcare facilities. According to, the annual average pay for a billing specialist is $44,368.

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Executive Assistant-

Executive assistants may be required to perform standard administrative assistant responsibilities in addition to providing high-level support, which includes carrying out research, creating statistical reports, and responding to information requests. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, these jobs pay more than standard administrative assistant roles due to the added responsibilities, with an average income of $66,870.

Accounts Payable Specialist-

These professionals manage business financial processing. They are in charge of bookkeeping, financial reporting, and tax record preparation. The median annual salary for this entry-level position, as reported by the Bureau of Labour Statistics, is $45,560.

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Marketing Coordinator-

Marketing managers work with marketing coordinators to establish and carry out plans and strategies to increase customer awareness and boost sales for a business, service, or good. According to, this position pays an average salary of $49,733.

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