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Angelica Teixeira is a Brazilian fitness model and 2017 Ms. Olympia. Angelica is well-known for her impressive achievements in bikini competitions, such as winning the prestigious Ms. Bikini Olympia title after only three and a half years of competing.

Angelica’s path to glory, however, was not without obstacles. Angelica faced a major challenge when she moved to America in 2009: she had a poor command of the English language. As a result, she was unable to advance in her career as a personal trainer and fitness model.

Angelica, on the other hand, did not let this deter her from pursuing her dreams. She went on to master the English language over the years, allowing her to carve out a remarkable career in bikini competitions and personal coaching.

Angelica Teixeira was born in Brazil on March 10, 1985. She spent eight years practising jazz dance, which helped her body strengthen and tone at a young age.

As Angelica puts it, living a healthy lifestyle came naturally to her. This was because she was surrounded by people who were concerned about their health and appearance.

Angelica became interested in weight training as a result of her active upbringing. She decided to start lifting weights in the gym at this point.

Angelica, on the other hand, had a problem: she was too young to join a gym. Angelica was told at the age of 15 that she couldn’t train in the gym until she was 18 because of Brazilian laws.

As a result, Angelica was forced to train at home until she reached the age of 18. She began doing various bodyweight exercises, as well as training with a basic set of dumbbells, at this point, emphasising her determination to stay fit despite the limitation of not being able to train in the gym.

Angelica was finally able to sign up for her first gym membership three years later. She began training harder than ever before, ecstatic about the new exercises and possibilities in the weight room.

Angelica began to harbour ambitions of becoming a personal trainer at this point. To become a certified coach, however, she first needed to complete a four-year college degree in physical education.

Angelica graduated from college with a degree in physical education after four years of study.


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As a result, she was able to finally get her personal training certification and begin working as a gym personal trainer.

Angelica moved to Texas, United States, in 2009, after working as a fitness coach for a few years. Her stay was brief, as she soon moved to New Jersey, where she has remained ever since.

Angelica reflected on her first few years in America, describing them as difficult. She had a poor command of the English language, which hampered her advancement in her career as a personal trainer.

Regardless of the obstacles, Angelica was determined to build a successful career. As a result, she began studying English with a “no stone unturned” approach, self-educating herself through online language courses while also watching TV shows and series with English subtitles.

The idea of becoming a fitness competitor ’emerged’ in Angelica’s mind in 2013. Angelica, who enjoyed setting new challenges for herself, didn’t take long to turn her ideas into reality.


 Angelica had no intention of making bikini competitions her full-time job. Her only goal was to broaden her knowledge of training, dieting, and contest preparation so she could better serve her clients.

Angelica has had tremendous success as a bikini competitor over the years. She began competing in 2013, and in just three years, she won 12 of the 22 contests she entered, becoming an IFBB Bikini Pro in the process.

Angelica reached the pinnacle of her bikini competition career in 2017. Her first victory of the year, first place at the 2017 Arnold Sports Festival, was only a ‘teaser’ of what was to come later that year. Angelica competed in the Olympia, the world’s largest bodybuilding competition, in September 2017. Stepping on stage in her best version yet, she outperformed her 2016 result to win the title of Ms. Bikini Olympia 2017.

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Model Workout Routine And Model Workout Plan By Angelica Teixeira:

Angelica awakens at 7 a.m. She quickly prepares breakfast and heads to the gym for her morning cardio.

Angelica then goes on to train her clients after she finishes her cardio, taking a break every 2-3 hours to eat her meals.

She’ll lift weights for her second workout of the day in the late afternoon. Angelica may add an extra cardio session on top of her strength workout to lose fat faster if she is in ‘in-season.’

She then goes back to training her clients, which she does until the evening. Angelica returns home and eats her final meal of the day.

Angelica’s workouts are centred on supersets. This allows her to incorporate a lot of volume in a short amount of time.

Angelica does 30 minutes of cardio right after her strength workout during the off-season.

Angelica, on the other hand, will do up to 2 hours of cardio per day, divided into different sessions, when preparing for a show.

Long cardio sessions like this help Angelica get in the best shape possible for bikini contests.

Her favourite forms of cardio are HIIT and running outside.

Angelica’s favourite body parts are her shoulders and glutes. She believes that having these body parts developed is critical for a bikini competitor.

Fitness Model Diet And Nutrition By Angelica Teixeira:


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Angelica follows a similar diet during the off-season and during contest preparation. She consumes six meals per day, with each meal containing some form of protein.

Complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal, brown rice, and sweet potatoes make up three to four of her meals. She also includes good fats like flaxseed oil, olive oil, egg yolks, and nuts.

Finally, Angelica consumes a lot of vegetables and fruits. They are high in fibre, which allows her to absorb nutrients from foods more efficiently.

Angelica’s off-season and in-season diets are identical except for the addition of some extra carbs during the off-season.

Fitness Motivation And Inspiration By Angelica Teixeira:


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Angelica faced numerous ‘roadblocks’ on her way to becoming a personal trainer after moving to the United States. Perhaps the most significant setback was her lack of English proficiency, which hampered her fitness career in the beginning.

It wasn’t an easy situation, but Angelica didn’t give up. She then worked hard to learn English, eventually becoming a successful personal trainer and bikini competitor in the United States of America.

This teaches us the following lesson: nothing can stop you from achieving your goals if you are willing to put in the effort.

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Fitness Models Angelica Teixeira

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