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Janna Breslin is a San Diego-based fitness model, health coach, and nutritionist. Janna has been crowned Bikini Champion six times in her career and has appeared on the covers of prestigious fitness magazines.

Janna, a former track athlete, began her fitness journey in 2008. This is when she began training in the gym and launching her career as a fitness and swimsuit model.

Janna decided to compete after she had sculpted an amazing physique. In 2013, she competed in her first bikini competition, which she won.

Janna’s winning streak lasted several years, during which she won five more bikini titles and established herself as a fitness icon.

Janna Breslin participated in a variety of sports and activities while growing up. These included cross-country running, track & field, and soccer. But at this point, she wasn’t really interested in fitness.

Janna didn’t develop a fascination with weightlifting until she had graduated from high school. She entered the gym for the first time and was immediately mesmerised by the variety of tools at her fingertips.

Additionally, Janna experienced outcomes from weight training unlike anything else she had before. She worked out diligently every day to build a lean and fit body. A fitness model was one of the new plans and objectives that eventually caught Janna’s attention.

Janna started her modelling career back in 2008. She eventually discovered her niche in the fitness and swimwear modelling industries.

Janna made sure to work out diligently in the gym while she was working as a model. She had an attractive physique already thanks to her years of athletic participation, but she wanted to improve it further.

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Janna created a “hardcore” workout regimen where she trained in the gym using powerful compound movements in order to carry out her plan. Her physical appearance significantly changed over the following weeks and months.

Janna was inspired by her accomplishments and made the decision to try bikini competitions as a new endeavour. She then took part in her first NPC Bikini competition, winning first place and leaving everyone in awe.

After experiencing success on stage, Janna became motivated to acquire more awards. She was now certain that she wanted to pursue a full-time career in fitness.

Janna met all of her objectives over the years and then some. She went on to claim six bikini championships and appear on the covers of numerous renowned magazines. She rose to fame as an American fitness icon as a result of the process.

Janna is now an inspiration for other aspiring fitness athletes and everyone else who follows her online thanks to her inspiring work ethic and discipline.

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Model Workout Routine And Model Workout Plan By Janna Breslin:

Four to six times per week, Janna works out. Her exercise sessions last about 45 minutes. She prefers to keep her workouts practical by avoiding machines while she lifts heavy weights.

Janna enjoys anything intense when it comes to cardio. This includes swimming, HIIT, hill running, and sprints. These forms of cardio quickly increase Janna’s heart rate, enabling her to burn fat effectively.

Fitness Model Diet And Nutrition By Janna Breslin:


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Janna strives to consume a diet that is as wholesome and nutrient-dense as possible. She eats a lot of greens with every meal to accomplish this. She also makes sure to consume a lot of proteins and healthy fats to keep her body functioning at its best.

She generally tries to eat a little bit more fat than carbs because fats provide her with more enduring energy. Janna typically consumes carbohydrates first thing in the morning and right after working out, when her muscles are low on glycogen.

Janna cannot eat anything that contains gluten because she has Celiac disease. Due to her body’s inability to properly digest them, she also stays away from sugar, dairy, and soy.

Janna now “eyeballs” every food she consumes after years of dieting. In other words, she doesn’t track her macros or calories.

Fitness Motivation And Inspiration By Janna Breslin:


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Fitness coach and accomplished athlete Janna Breslin. She has inspired other fitness athletes and enthusiasts with her amazing physique and commitment.

Nothing is impossible if you put in the time to achieve your goals, as her story shows us. You, too, can sculpt your best body with the same mentality that Janna Breslin possesses.


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