Top 10 Best Shows On Netflix Of All Time [2023 List]

Looking to binge-watch the best Netflix shows? We’ve prepared a list of works that combine drama, crime, thriller, science fiction, the paranormal, and other genres. You may access binge-worthy shows on Netflix. There is something for everyone, from hilarious comedy to tense, gripping dramas, serious crime to mind-bending sci-fi.

To make it simpler to choose, we have included information such as the number of seasons, IMDb rating, cast, and more. You can either build your own rundown or view each of these programmes individually. These top Netflix programmes will become your go-to entertainment. Let’s discuss honestly now.

Top 10 Best Shows On Netflix To Watch Right Now:

You’ll be hooked from the start with these Netflix series that are perfect for binge-watching. You’ll adore the characters and compelling plot.

10.Money Heist:

Money Heist is ranked among the top 10 Netflix shows of all time in many people’s lists. ‘The Professor’ and his squad, who have nothing to lose, are the focus of Money Heist. They have grandiose plans to pull off the biggest robbery in history! They deal with authorities, capture hostages, and deal with personal struggles as part of their objective.

To make the tale more fascinating, it is presented in flashbacks, time leaps, and other ways. Numerous awards were given to Money Heist, including the Best Drama Series International Emmy.

Money Heist has received a very long list of honours. It also became one of the most watched Netflix programmes and the most watched non-English-language series.

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9.Alice In Borderland:

If you enjoy a good survival programme, Alice in Borderland will be your favourite! This suspenseful television show centres on the adventures of Arisu, a video gaming addict, and his companions in an odd alternate Tokyo. They had to win the game in order to stay alive here. These games can be fatal.

If the participants don’t participate, a laser beam from the sky shoots them to death! There is a test of loyalty. Sometimes you and your friend are the only ones who have a chance of surviving.

This television show is highly dramatic and builds tension right away. You’ll become addicted! The third Asia Contents Awards, Asian Academy Creative Awards, and other honours were won by Alice in Borderland.

8.Lost In Space:

Be careful, Will Robinson! The Robinson family’s tale is portrayed in Lost in Space. They landed on an exotic world surrounded by strange phenomena. To survive and leave this world, they all fight together. Throughout their voyage, Robinson encounters a number of difficulties.

The series has received numerous awards nominations as a result of its compelling storyline and excellent cast. Even better, Lost in Space received recognition for outstanding animated characters in episodes and real-time projects, outstanding visual effects in photoreal episodes, and more!

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7.The 100:

The 100 is an undiscovered gem! The post-apocalyptic science fiction series centres on the journey of 100 juvenile offenders transported to Earth to test the planet’s habitability. There were numerous survivors in the Ark space habitat. They are currently running out of resources to stay put.

Then they send these 100 inmates back to Earth. When they realise they’re not alone, the plot changes. The audience has given the series many positive reviews. It skillfully combines thrilling storytelling, sci-fi, and suspense.

From the start, this series offers a captivating journey. This show’s numerous storyline turns make it entertaining to watch. One of Netflix’s top series is this one.

6.The Diplomat:

One of the top Netflix shows to watch is The Diplomat. The protagonist of the show is a career diplomat who balances her personal and professional lives. She recently started a high-profile position as ambassador to the UK. She must, however, handle her marriage to a prominent politician.

Kate Wyler helps to diffuse international conflicts, among other things. Despite being a new show, it has already gained popularity among viewers. The writing in the series is flawless. The writing and character performance are both excellent and captivating! The Diplomat is regarded as Netflix’s top new programme.

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5.The Lincoln Lawyer:

Greetings from his workplace! The Lincoln Lawyer is a show that eases the mind. This courtroom play is unique. It centres on Mickey Haller’s experiences handling significant and minor cases in Los Angeles. There is a turn. From the rear of his Lincoln Town Car, Mickey manages his practise.

He can come off as a less-than-serious lawyer because of this. But he has a sharp mind. This programme is so incredible that it has overtaken all other English-language Netflix shows in popularity. Critics gave it rave reviews, praising the characters’ outstanding performances in particular.

4.Queen Charlotte- A Bridgerton Story:

The top drama programme available on Netflix is Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. The television programme tells the tale of the young Queen’s marriage to King George VI of England. It depicts their passionate relationship and emphasises Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz’s ascent to power.

The programme quickly rose to the top spot among English-language TV shows available on Netflix. One of the most lovely tales is this one. You’ll be intrigued by the characters’ outstanding performances and the gorgeous setting.

Top 10 Most-Watched Netflix Movies of All Time 2023


British political thriller Bodyguard centres on a PTSD-afflicted former soldier in the British Army. Home Secretary Julia Montague is under the protection of Police Sergeant David Budd. Julia is a divisive and aspirational politician who is frequently referred to be a sociopath.

He must now defend her. The bodyguard was immediately adored by everyone. The intriguing plot and characters have received high appreciation. Madden’s performance has also received praise.

The programme has been nominated for a number of awards, including the Outstanding Drama Series, the Best Television Series – Drama, and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Television Series Drama. Bodyguard keeps up the exciting tension that was present at first.

2.Better Call Saul:

Better Call Saul might be your comfort companion if legal crime drama is your thing! Jimmy McGill develops as a part-time lawyer. He was a former con man. As a part-time lawyer, Jimmy faces numerous difficulties, tragedies, and tribulations. He transforms into the egotistic criminal defence lawyer Saul Goodman as a result of all of his difficulties.

This programme is a spin-off of Breaking Bad. A few flash forwards after the events of Breaking Bad are interspersed throughout the story’s intriguing plot. Many viewers think that this show is a respectable spin-off of Breaking Bad. One of the best television shows of all time was Better Call Saul.

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Manifest is the ideal mid-series to watch if you’re searching for anything with between a few and a few too many seasons. Netflix’s Manifest is the best show. The programme centres on the 191 passengers who were on board Montego Air Flight 828 when they mysteriously vanished for 5 and a half years. Society had assumed they were dead, but now they were returning.

The fact that they are all the same age as they were before is what makes them interesting. Nothing altered. They weren’t even aware of their disappearance. The workers and passengers make an effort to fit in. Their disappearance raises a bigger mystery that is revealed.


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