CM Punk Embracing his Role as AEW Collision Leader with Dedication

Up to this point, CM Punk’s return to AEW Collision has been marked by leadership behind the scenes and a great impact on the locker room. Although there were considerable concerns about how his comeback would be received in the locker room, CM Punk’s return to AEW has so far received favourable reviews, especially in regards to his leadership behind the scenes.

CM Punk, a renowned professional wrestler, made waves in the wrestling world when he made his highly anticipated return to the ring, but this time, it was with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) rather than WWE. The news of CM Punk signing with AEW created a buzz among wrestling fans, with many eagerly waiting to see him back in action. Speculations about his potential return to WWE had been circulating for years, but it was AEW that ultimately won him over.

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Punk’s arrival in AEW not only shook the wrestling landscape but also intensified the rivalry between AEW and WWE. Unfortunately, shortly after his debut in AEW, CM Punk suffered an injury that temporarily sidelined him from competition. Despite this setback, fans remain optimistic about his return to the ring and eagerly await his comeback. In the midst of his AEW journey, CM Punk has been actively engaging with the media, participating in media scrums to address questions and share his thoughts on various topics.

His candid and outspoken nature has garnered attention, making every media interaction with CM Punk an eagerly anticipated event. Although CM Punk found success in AEW, rumors emerged suggesting that he was fired from the promotion, leading to speculation and discussions among fans and the wrestling community. CM Punk’s presence in AEW has undeniably brought excitement and intrigue to the world of professional wrestling, leaving fans eager to witness his future endeavors in the industry.

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Punk has been shown strong leadership abilities at the Collision event, according to Wade Keller of, who has previously stated that Punk is taking his responsibility as a locker room leader seriously.

The word from Collision backstage is that he is taking seriously the fact that this is his show and taking joy in imprinting his personality on the on-air product and off-air ambiance in the locker room, according to Keller. According to reports, performers can tell how much effort Punk is making since they observe how hard he works to carry the show both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

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That’s good news for AEW, which received criticism when it was suggested that the brands be split in order to placate a star who had a reputation for being difficult to work with.

The first edition of Collision on June 17 marked Punk’s comeback to AEW, following his lengthy layoff due to a torn triceps sustained at All Out in September 2022. The fact that he was injured and also had a significant role in a brawl amongst roster members backstage after the event only partially justified his absence, and there was actual consideration of letting him go and terminating his contract.

Now that he is back, he is responsible for representing the Collision brand, and Punk is largely responsible for the success or failure of that show. Although the effort seems to be there, the ratings haven’t been there. His performances have earned favourable reviews.

Punk is in charge of AEW Collision, which is presented every week differently from Dynamite. If the show is to have any real success, Punk will need to keep up the tempo and set the bar for others. The wrestlers are attempting to make it about what happens in the ring.

He’s getting along with everyone for the time being, which is a fantastic start.

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